AAPC Statement on Elections and the Peaceful Transfer of Power

By Kelly Foley posted 01-07-2021 10:54

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — Elections are the foundation of our democracy.
In 2020, democracy happened, and after all the recounts and runoffs are done, our government continues because we accept the results of our elections.
We support the peaceful transfer of power as has been exercised since the adoption of our constitution in 1789, involving 45 Presidents over 231 years. The peaceful transfer of power is crucial to the stability of our republic and serves as a beacon of democracy throughout the world.
As Republican and Democratic political consultants, we are vigorous supporters of the First Amendment and its essential guarantees of free speech, a free press and peaceful protest. Violent take overs of the institutions central to ensuring those freedoms are not protected by the First Amendment, nor are they the answer to grievances.
Continuing America’s long tradition of a peaceful transfer of power is what our country needs right now.
About the American Association of Political Consultants
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